Gel electrophoresis (systems, equipment).

Electrophoresis is a analytical technique based on the electrokinetic migration of electrically charged particles in solution or suspension in the presence of an applied electric field.

List of manufacturers and suppliers of systems and equipment for gel electrophoresis.


International manufacturer and supplier
United States of America, USA
United Kingdom
European Union

International manufacturer and supplier

Agilent Technologies
... is leading the field by innovating electrophoretic applications - [e]

Electrophoresis and other life science products - [e]

Serva Electrophoresis
... offers fine biochemicals, and products for electrophoresis and life sciences - [e]

Thermo Scientific
Electrophoresis and Staining - [e]


AlphaScience GmbH
... bietet eine große Auswahl an geeigneten Gelen und Zubehör für unterschiedliche analytische Aufgabenstellungen - [d]

Anamed Elektrophorese GmbH
Polyacrylamid-Fertiggele für die Vertikal-Elektrophorese - [d, e]

Biometra biomedizinische Analytik GmbH
... offers a comprehensive range of instrumentation for gel electrophoresis and develops and distributes complete solutions for high performance gel documentation and gel analysis - [e]

Spezialist für PCR, Elektrophorese, Bio-Imaging und Radioanalytik - [d, e]

Spezialist für Elektrophoresen - [d, e]

Kompakte Elektrophoresesysteme mit gekoppeltem Spannungsgeber; Elektrophoresekammern, Spannungsgeber, Blotting - [d]

Carl Roth
... bietet für Ihre Forschung, Diagnostik und Produktion in den modernen Lebenswissenschaften ein wachsendes Sortiment hochwertiger Produkte. Für eindeutige, reproduzierbare und publizierbare Ergebnisse - [d]

Support und Vertrieb ausgewählter Hochleistungsprodukte - [d, e]

Genaxxon BioScience GmbH
Kits, Reagenzien oder Puffersubstanzen. Elektrophorese-Systeme - [d, e]

LTF Labortechnik
Systemhaus für die Molekularbiologie - [d]

Peqlab Biotechnologie GmbH
Elektrophoresesysteme und Elektrophorese-Zubehör - [d, e]

Proteome Factory AG
Produkte, Service & Technologien für die Proteomik und Protein/Peptid-Analytik - [d]

United States of America, USA

Ambion Inc.
Markers & Electrophoresis Reagents - [e]

Fisher Scientific Inc.
Electrophoresis Equipment & Reagents - [e]

Hoefer, Inc.
... is world-renowned as the premier supplier of gel electrophoresis equipment and related products that have helped life researchers discover solutions to their most challenging scientific problems - [e]

Invitrogen Corporation
Protein Gel Electrophoresis - [e]

MicroSolv Technology Corporation
Product line for Capillary Electrophoresis - [e]

Sebia, Inc.
Automated electrophoresis - [d, e, f]

United Kingdom

Engineering & Design Plastics Ltd.
... produces a wide range of electrophoresis slab gel tanks and their accessories - [e]

European Union

... provides you all the tools you need to perform optimal horizontal electrophoresis - [Belgium > e]


Kompakte Elektrophoresesysteme mit gekoppeltem Spannungsgeber; Elektrophoresekammern, Spannungsgeber, Blotting - [d]


C.B.S. Scientific Company, Inc.
... the industry leader in products for molecular separations - [e]


... sells innovative laboratory instruments and reagents based on electrophoresis technology - [cn, d, e, es, f]

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Martin Holtzhauer

Basic Methods for the Biochemical Lab

Basic Methods for the Biochemical Lab elucidates proven lab procedures and practical hints for research in analytical and preparative biochemistry, as well as summarizing key data in numerous tables. To further emphasize the practical aspects and to minimize the text, theoretical introductions into the methods are mostly omitted.

This first English-language edition of a successful German-language manual will be a valuable resource for students and experts in biochemistry, biotechnology and biomedical laboratories.

Springer; 2006

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