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Cell Cultures

Cell Cultures - Manufacturers and Suppliers


A cell culture is a particular type of tissue (cell line), which is grown outside of the organism in a suitable growth medium and used for scientific applications in research, development and production.

List of manufacturers and suppliers of cell cultures and cell clturing equipment.

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International Manufacturers and Suppliers

ATCC-LGC Standards
ATCC cultures and products - [e]

Stable cell line development services - [e]


Bioanalytic GmbH
Matrix components and other accessories - [d, e]

Biochrom AG
... produces all products required for cell culture: standard media, complete media, media for special cell lines and applications, media in customer-specific formulations as well as animal serums, especially fetal bovine serum - [d, …]

German collection of microorganisms and cell cultures - [d, e]

United States of America, USA

Bionique Testing Laboratories, Inc.
Specialized testing of cell cultures, biologicals and vaccines for mycoplasma contamination - [e]

Cell Lines Service
Cell line generation and cell line engineering - [d, e]

Cell Systems
... has, since 1991, focused on developing and manufacturing standard research tools for the science of cell biology - [e]

Cell culture media, serum, supplements, and reagents for culture and transfection of primary cells and established cell lines - [e]

3D Cell Culture & Analysis - [e]

United Kingdom

Electrolab Limited
Cell culture bioreactors - [e]

PHE Culture Collections
... preserves and distributes authenticated cell lines and microbial strains of known provenance for use in medical science and laboratory healthcare - [e]



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