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A catalyst is a substance (not light or heat) that augments the rate of a chemical reaction without itself being consumed.

Manufacturers and suppliers of catalysts for use in laboratories, industry and research.

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International manufacturer and supplier

Akzo Nobel: Polymerization Catalysts
A leading and globally active producer of custom-manufactured polymerization catalysts, and a supplier of transition metal specialty chemicals - [e]

High performance Catalysts for Chemicals - [e]

Criterion Catalysts & Technologies
... is the world’s largest supplier of hydroprocessing catalysts, which includes catalysts for hydrotreating, hydrocracking, hydrogenation, isomerization and naphtha reforming - [e]

Evonik Degussa
Custom Design Catalysts Solution Partner - [e]

Johnson Matthey Catalysts
... is one of the world’s leading catalyst companies - [e]

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Exclusive Synthesis & Catalysts - [e]

Katec Catalysts
We are the worldwide leading supplier for Allmetal-Catalysts, which are mainly used in wire enamelling machines as well as in some other specific industrial areas - [d, e]

Süd Chemie AG
High-performance catalysts for the fuel cell and distributed hydrogen generation industries - [cn, d, e]

Wacker Chemie AG
Wacker catalysts are generally used as reaction accelerators. Platinum catalysts are used for addition-curing silicones and tin catalysts are used for condensation-curing silicones - [d, e]

Wirtz-Chemieprodukte GmbH
Nickel-, Copper- und Cobalt Catalysts - [d, e]

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United States of America, USA

A&C Catalysts Inc.
... is a leading manufacturer and supplier of epoxy resins and curing agents - [e]

Albemarle Corporation
... supplies top performance catalysts, technologies and related services to the petroleum refining and chemical industries - [e]

Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc.
A Bio-Organic Catalyst (BOC) is a broad spectrum, catalytic composition that significantly enhances the biological conversion abilities that naturally occur in nature - [e]

C&P Catalyst
... prepares lab catalysts, coils and coupons, for ASTM oxidation testing - [e]

Catalytic Combustion Corporation
Design and supply of catalytic oxidizers, thermal oxidizers and RTO’s - [e]

CRI Catalyst Company
... is dedicated to supplying the most efficient catalysts and associated services to customers throughout the world - [e]

Equilibrium Catalyst Inc.
ECI is the largest Equilibrium Fluid Cracking Catalyst (E-cat) buyer, reseller in the world - [e]

Materia: Catalysts for Change
... exploits innovative catalyst technologies to create value opportunities within the Life Sciences, Materials, and Chemical Manufacturing industries - [e]

Nease Performance Chemicals
Acid catalysts: sulfonic acids are widely used in industrial applications as diverse as esterfication, thermoset resins for paints and coatings, pharmaceuticals, and phenolic foam - [e]

NexTech Materials, Ltd.
A leading developer and manufacturer of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Fuel Processing components and materials - [e]

NSC Technology
Fuel Cell Catalysts; Golden Nano Materials - [e]

... offers a complete line of catalyst products for the production of EDC and VCM; the catalysts include oxychlorination catalysts, acetylene hydrogenation catalyst and catalytic oxidation catalyst - [e]

STC Catalysts, Inc.
... has an exclusive license from NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) to manufacture carbon monoxide (CO) oxidation catalysts for use in carbon dioxide (CO2) laser applications - [e]

Stratcor, Inc.
Vanadium Chemicals and Catalysts - [e]

Süd-Chemie Inc.
SCI produces catalysts, adsorbents and additives for industrial and consumer markets - [e]

Totalcat Group
Catalyst Products; Catalyst Recycling and Recovery; Catalyst Maintenance Services - [e]

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European Union

Haldor Topsoe A/S
... has a leading position in the world as catalyst supplier. The wide range of Topsoe catalysts is used in a variety of catalytic process units in following industries: Ammonia, Methanol, Hydrogen, Sulphuric Acid, Formaldehyde, Petrochemicals, Refining and Power Generation - [e]

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Shanghai Leader Catalyst Co., Ltd.
... is specialized in the manufacturing a total of 12 catalysts of SCG and SLC series for PE production, which can be either classified in form into slurry catalysts and dry powder catalysts, or in composition into Mg-Ti series, Chrome series and composite series - [e, cn]

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Filtra Catalysts and Chemicals Ltd.
Manufacturer of Speciality Catalysts for Fertilizer, Refinery & Petrochemical Industry - [e]

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Toho Titanium Co., Ltd.
Propylene Polymerization Catalyst, THC Catalyst - [e, jp]

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Novax Material & Technology Inc.
Nano Gold Catalyst - [e, cn]

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Roger A. Sheldon, Isabel Arends, Fred van Rantwijk

Green Chemistry and Catalysis

This first book to focus on catalytic processes from the viewpoint of green chemistry presents every important aspect: Numerous catalytic reductions and oxidations methods Solid-acid and solid-base catalysis C-C bond formation reactions Biocatalysis Asymmetric catalysis Novel reaction media like e.g. ionic liquids, supercritical CO2 Renewable raw materials Written by Roger A. Sheldon -- without doubt one of the leaders in the field with much experience in academia and industry -- and his co-workers, the result is a unified whole, an indispensable source for every scientist looking to improve catalytic reactions, whether in the college or company lab.

Wiley-VCH; 2007

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