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Analytical Chemistry Instruments and Devices

Analytical instruments

Suppliers of instruments, systems, devices etc. for Analytical Chemistry.

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International manufacturer and supplier

Chemical Analysis Solutions - [e]

... is the global leader in Energy Dispersive X-Ray Microanalysis, Electron Backscatter Diffraction and Micro X-Ray Fluorescence systems - [e]

Mettler-Toledo International
Laboratory Analytical Instruments - [e]

Scientific Instruments and Vacuum Products - [e]

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Maker of the world renowned PowerLab® system and Chart™ Software, provides complete data acquisition and analysis solutions for life science research and education - [e]

Analyticon Instruments Corporation
Analytical Instruments, Laboratory Meters, Water Quality Measuring Instruments, and Process Monitors for Industrial, Environmental, Water, and Wastewater Monitoring - [e]

Aokin AG
... entwickelt und vertreibt innovative analytische Systeme, welche die Messung von Reaktionsgeschwindigkeiten zur Grundlage haben - [d]

C3-Analysentechnik GmbH
Die C3-Analysentechnik GmbH ist Anbieter von analytischen Meßsystemen, Laborgeräten und Teilkomponenten aus den Bereichen Kalorimetrie, FTIR, Elektrochemie, Probenvorbereitung und optische Bauteile - [d]

Hersteller und Anbieter von diversen Produkten zur Elementaranalytik, Elementaranalyse und TOC - Analytik - [d, e]

Leopold Siegrist GmbH
EFAS Fiberoptischer Sensor für die Detektion fon CKW/KW in Wasser. Tragbar oder stationäres Messsystem für die kontinuierliche Vor-Ort Analytik - [d, e, f]

Pier-Electronic GmbH entwickelt und produziert lichtelektronische Meßgeräte
Seit 40 Jahren entwickeln und fertigen wir lichtelektronische Meßgeräte für den Wellenlängenbereich von 200 - 4700 nm. Die Geräte werden sowohl für Prozess- als auch für Laboranwendungen eingesetzt - [d]

prosys° GmbH
Abwasser, Energie, Anlagenbau, Projektmanagement und analytische Instrumente - [d]

Testo AG
... ist ein weltweit führender Hersteller tragbarer, elektronischer sowie stationärer Messgeräte für Klima- und Kältetechnik (z.B. Infrarotthermometer), Heizung und Installation, Emissionskontrolle, industrielle Anwendungen und die Lebensmittelindustrie - [d]

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United States of America, USA

... provides vital chemical identification systems for immediate, on-site detection and analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOC), such as toxic industrial chemicals and chemical warfare agents, in air, water, and soil - [e]

Leeman Labs
At Teledyne Leeman Labs atomic spectroscopy is our focus and we are deeply committed to providing laboratories with technically superior products and services to meet their elemental analysis needs - [e]

Topac Inc.
Instrumentation for physical and chemical analysis in research, development and quality control and education - [e]

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European Union

SeQuant AB - Innovators in Chemical Analysis
Manufacturer of equipment for ion chromatography, such as suppressor and continuous regeneration. Zwitterion Chromatography for bioseparations, and solid phase derivatisation and enrichment - [e]

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Wasseranalytik Shop
Händler - Wasseranalytik Online-Shop für einfache Untersuchungen mittels Test Kits für den interessierten Laien bis zu professionellen Online Analysatoren für die Industrie - [d]

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Aurora Instruments Ltd.
A manufacturer of analytical instruments for use in the elemental analysis sector - [e]

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Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers Association - [e]

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Analytical Chemistry Instruments and Devices
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Werner Funk, Vera Dammann, Gerhild Donnevert, Sarah Iannelli

Quality Assurance in Analytical Chemistry:
Applications in Environmental, Food and Materials Analysis, Biotechnology, and Medical Engineering.

This best-selling title both in German and English is now enhanced by a new chapter on the important topical subject of measurement uncertainty, plus a CD-ROM with interactive examples in the form of Excel-spreadsheets. These allow readers to gain an even better comprehension of the statistical procedures for quality assurance while also incorporating their own data. Following an introduction, the text goes on to elucidate the 4-phase model of analytical quality assurance: establishing a new analytical process, preparative quality assurance, routine quality assurance and external analytical quality assurance. Besides updating the relevant references, the authors took great care to incorporate the latest international standards in the field.

Wiley-VCH; 2007


K. Danzer

Analytical Chemistry: Theoretical and Metrological Fundamentals

Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry are usually presented as a sum of chemical and physical foundations, laws, axioms and equations for analytical methods and procedures. In contrast, this book delivers a practice-oriented, general guiding theory valid for all methods and techniques. Starting with a closer look to analytical signals and their dependencies, all the important figures of merit characterizing the power of analytical procedures and the reliability of analytical results are discussed and quantified, such as sensitivity, precision, accuracy and ruggedness. Elements of signal theory, information theory, statistics and fundamentals of calibration are also presented for this aim. The metrological foundations included define strictly the figures of merit in order to minimize confusions still appearing in Analytical Chemistry publications today.

Springer; 2006

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