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Information resources on radiochemistry.


Radiochemistry is a scientific branch that studies the chemistry of radioactive materials and uses radioactive isotopes of the chemical elements to examine chemical reactions.

Moreover, the radiochemistry involved (as a branch of nuclear chemistry) with the production and the chemical properties of radionuclides, the use of radio chemicals, for example in the materials and material testing, determining the age or the radio medicine.

In the list below you will find information about radiochemistry.

Content, Topics

General Information

Essays on Radiochemistry
Downloadable files from the Royal Society of Chemistry

Monographs on Radiochemistry and Radiochemical Techniques
Nuclear Science Series. National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council, USA

Nuclear Science
Glossary of Nuclear Science Terms. LBL, USA

Periodic Table of Isotopes
IUPAC - Format: PDF

Radiolabeling and Isotopic Markers
This website focuses on the isotopes primarily of interest to organic chemists, which include the non-metal Main Group elements

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Marine Radiochemistry
Introduction - Format: PDF

Radiation and Radioactivity
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Lecture notes on radioactivity. Boston University, USA

Radiochemical Methods
Text book

Radiochemical Techniques
Article - Format: PDF

An introduction and a collection of lecture notes

Lecture notes

Extended lecture notes - Format: PDF

Special Information

The interaction between radio chemistry and hydrometallurgy - a strategy for the future - Format: PDF

Basic information - Format: PDF

Lecture notes - Format: PDF


Journal of Nuclear Materials
... publishes high quality papers in materials research relevant to nuclear fission and fusion reactors and high power accelerator technologies, and in closely related aspects of materials science and engineering. Elsevier

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
An international periodical publishing original papers, letters, review papers and short communications on nuclear chemistry. Springer

... covers the theoretical and applied aspects of radiochemistry, including the chemical aspects of the fundamental nuclear physical properties of radionuclides. Springer

Research facilities and departments

France: IPN
Groupe de Radiochimie - [f]

Switzerland: PSI
Laboratory for Radiochemistry



Radiochemistry Society
... is a scientific and professional organization whose members specialize in both applied and fundamental radiochemistry, nuclear sciences and environmental concerns


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