Information resources on the chemistry of peptides.

A peptide is a short polymer that is made up of two (dipeptide) or more (tripeptide, ..., oligopeptide, polypeptide) amino acids joined by an amide bond or a peptide bond.

Online available information resources on the chemistry and biochemistry of peptides.


Lecture Notes, Tutorials
Special Information
Historical Facts and Documents
Compound Classes
Synthesis, production

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins
eBook - Format: PDF

Lecture notes: amino acids, peptides, and proteins - Format: PDF

Chemistry of Peptide Materials
Synthetic aspects and 3D structural studies - Format: PDF

Mass Spectrometry of Peptides and Proteins
An introduction - Format: PDF

Peptide Bond
An overview - Format: PDF

Peptide Bond
An overview: peptides and proteins

Peptide Bond
Lecture notes: protein geometry

Peptide Bonds, Polypeptides and Proteins
Lecture notes: biofundamentals

Peptides & Proteins
Lecuture notes

Peptides and Proteins
eBook - Format: PDF

Special Information

Peptide Guide
The goal of this project is to collect all information about peptides and peptide synthesis in one place

Historical Facts and Documents

Peptide Chemistry
One hundred years of peptide synthesis. ETHZ - Format: PDF

Compound Classes

Nonribosomal peptide structures
Reference pathway. Kegg, Japan

Synthesis, production

Microwave Assisted Peptide Synthesis
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Non-Ribosomal Peptide Synthesis
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Peptide Synthese
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Peptide Synthesis
Resources for Peptide Synthesis. EMD Chemicals

Peptide Synthesis
Strategies: an overview - Format: PDF

Peptides Synthesis
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Protection Reactions
Ebook. Wiley - Format: PDF

Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis
Lecture notes - Format: PDF


Siderophore group nonribosomal peptides
Biosynthesis of siderophore group nonribosomal peptides; reference pathway. Kegg


Current Protein & Peptide Science
... is to present summaries of specific aspects of research involving proteins, peptides, and interactions between the enzymes, especially proteases. Bentham

International Journal of Peptide Research and Therapeutics
... publishes the latest developments in peptide therapeutics and high quality research covering all aspects of peptide science. Springer

Journal of Peptide Science
The scope of the Journal embraces the whole range of peptide chemistry and biology. Wiley-Interscience

... offers rapid publication of original research and reviews dealing with the structure, distribution, actions and functions of peptides in the central and peripheral nervous systems. Elsevier

... is an international journal presenting original contributions on the chemistry, biochemistry, neurochemistry, endocrinology, gastroenterology, physiology, and pharmacology of peptides, as well as their neurological, psychological and behavioral effects. Elsevier

Protein & Peptide Letters
... publishes short papers in all important aspects of protein and peptide research, including structural studies, recombinant expression, function, synthesis, enzymology, immunology, molecular modeling, drug design etc. Bentham

Regulatory Peptides
... provides a medium for the rapid publication of interdisciplinary studies on the physiology and pathology of peptides of the gut, endocrine and nervous systems which regulate cell or tissue function. Elsevier

Related Books and Scientific Literature: Peptides

Book recommendation

Yi Yang

Side Reactions in Peptide Synthesis

Side Reactions in Peptide Synthesis, based on the author s academic and industrial experience, and backed by a thorough review of the current literature, provides analysis of, and proposes solutions to, the most frequently encountered side reactions during peptide and peptidomimetic synthesis.

This valuable handbook is ideal for research and process chemists working with peptide synthesis in diverse settings across academic, biotech, and pharmaceutical research and development.

Elsevier Science Publishing; 2015

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