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Chemical Micro Process Engineering

Micro process engineering

Micro process engineering is the science of conducting chemical or physical processes inside small volumina - and it is an interdisciplinary method with a promising future.

The basic idea of micro process engineering is the miniaturization of well-known unit operations for use in nanotechnology, labs-on-a-chip, fuel cells etc.

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Chemical Engineering Journal
... is an international research journal and invites contributions of original and novel fundamental research. The journal aims to provide an international forum for the presentation of original fundamental research, interpretative reviews and discussion of new developments in chemical engineering. Elsevier - [e]

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Industrial Panel Micro Process Engineering
... is dedicated to the promotion of collaboration between science and technology in the field of micro process engineering - [d, e]

Institute for Micro Process Engineering
IMVT was founded in July 2001 and is embedded in the HGF programs of “Nano- and Microsystems” and “Sustainability and Technology”. Activities of the IMVT focus on chemical reactions and process engineering operations in components and systems, the characteristic dimensions of which typically range between 1 m and 1 mm - [d, e]

Institute for Nano- and Micro Process Technology
undamental research on transport processes on the nano and micro scale as well as application-oriented studies towards the development of novel microfluidic components. University of Hannover, Germany - [d, e]

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Chemical Micro Process Engineering
Micro process engineering, chemical, chemistry
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Volker Hessel, Albert Renken, Jaap C. Schouten, Jun-Ichi Yoshida

Micro Process Engineering: A Comprehensive Handbook

This three-volume handbook provides an overview of the key aspects of micro process engineering. Volume 1 covers the fundamentals, operations and catalysts, volume 2 examines devices, reactions and applications, with volume 3 rounding off the trilogy with system, process and plant engineering. Fluid dynamics, mixing, heat/mass transfer, purification and separation microstructured devices and microstructured reactors are explained in the first volume.Volume 2 segments microreactor design, fabrication and assembly, bulk and fine chemistry, polymerisation, fuel processing and functional materials into understandable parts. The final volume of the handbook addresses microreactor systems design and scale-up, sensing, analysis and control, chemical process engineering, economic and eco-efficiency analyses as well as microreactor plant case studies in one book. Together, this 3-volume handbook explains the science behind micro process engineering to the scale-up and their real life industrial applications.

Wiley-VCH; 2008


Thomas Wirth

Microreactors in Organic Synthesis and Catalysis

This one-stop reference is the first book on this emerging and rapid developing field with a focus on synthesis and catalysis. As such, it covers all aspects from academia and industry in a clearly structured way. Leading experts provide the background information as an initial aid for newcomers to the field, while chapters on different reaction types and industrial applications make this an equally vital resource for specialists.

Wiley-VCH; 2008

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