Isomers and isomerism in chemistry.

Isomerism is a chemical term that describes the accurance of compounds with the same kind and number of atoms in a molecule, but different arrangements of these atoms. This isomers have the same molecular formula, diffent structural formulae and different properties.

Two stereoisomeric molecules have the same constitution, ie the same structure, but differ in the spatial arrangement of individual atoms or molecular groups. For details, see also stereochemistry.

Constitution isomers differ - with the same number and type of atoms - in the order and arrangement of the particles and the bonds. Therefore there are two completely different chemical compounds.

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General Information
Lecture Notes, Tutorials

General Information

Basic concepts: chirality in chemistry

An introduction

Chirality Centre
How to: identify chiral centers

Chirality Centre
Asymmetric, stereogenic or chiral center

Basic concepts: structural, geometric, optical isomerism. Understanding Chemistry, UK

What are isomers? Basic concepts. Creative Chemistry, UK

Isomerism: A general survey - Format: PDF

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Chirality in Inorganic Chemistry
… and isomers of 4-coordinate metal ions - Format: PDF

Isomerism in complexes

Coordination complexes
Isomers of Coordination Complexes - Format: PDF

Coordination compounds
Coordination geometries and isomerism - Format: PDF

Coordination compounds
Isomerism in coordination chemistry - Format: PDF

Coordination compounds
Isomerism in coordination compounds

Chirality in organic chemistry - Format: PDF

Structural Isomers and Stereoisomers - Format: PDF

Isomers and Isomerism - Format: PDF

Isomerism and Stereochemistry
Lecture notes

Isomerism and Stereochemistry
. . . in organic chemistry

Same song, different dance - Format: PDF

Lecture notes: organic chemistry - Format: PDF

Metal complexes
Geometric isomers of metal complexes

Organic Isomerism
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Types of Isomerism
A brief guide to types of isomerism in organic chemistry

A computer-aides course on Molecular Symmetry and Isomerism. University of Bayreuth

Related Books and Scientific Literature: Isomerism

Book recommendation

Christian Wolf

Dynamic Stereochemistry of Chiral Compounds: Principles and Applications

In this book the reader is presented with a comprehensive overview of fundamental concepts of asymmetric synthesis along with in-depth discussion of strategies for the synthesis and stereoselective interconversion of compounds exhibiting central axial and planar chirality, numerous racemization and diastereomerization reactions.

Details of analytical methods are provided and discussed as well as topics relating to the design of fascinating topologically chiral assemblies and molecular technomimetic devices in the context of dynamic stereochemistry. Strategies and recent developments that address important synthetic challenges are presented and highlighted with hundreds of examples, applications and detailed mechanisms.

Royal Society of Chemistry; 2008

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