Gas Chromatography

Theory and applications of gas chromatography.

Gas chromatography is a analytical scientific technique to separate a mixture of vaporizable substances and resolve the mixture into single components.

The gas-liquid chromatography is thus an analytical or preparative separation technique of chromatography that is based on the principles of partition chromatography and adsorption chromatography. After the chromatographic separation by the gas chromatograph, the individual substances are identified by different detector systems - such as by mass spectrometry.

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Lecture Notes, Tutorials
Practical Courses

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Chromatography Forum - Gas Chromatography
... is a public discussion group where you can post questions, news, or messages of interest to chromatographers everywhere

Coupling Gas Chromatography to Mass Spectrometry
An introduction; Flash Animation of GC/MS

Gas Chromatography
Chemistry hypertext

Gas Chromatography
Toubleshooting and reference guide - Format: PDF

Gas Chromatography
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Gas Chromatography
A very good description

Gas Chromatography
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Gas Chromatography
Basic information. University of Vienna

Gas Chromatography
Theoretical aspects - Format: PDF

Gas Chromatography
Introduction to Gas Chromatography - Format: PDF

Gas Chromatography
The function components of a gas chromatograph - Format: PDF

Gas Chromatography
Theory and Instrumentation of GC - Format: PDF

Gas Chromatography
An introduction

Gas Chromatography Detectors
eBook - Format: PDF

Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
An introduction - Format: PDF

Gas Solid Chromatography
Definition, IUPAC

Lecture notes: Mass Spectrometry & Chromatography. University of Colorado

Hyperbolic Models
... in gas-solid chromatography - Format: PDF

Low-cost Gas Chromatography
Column and Oven - Format: PDF

Novel concepts
... for fast capillary gas chromatography. Dissertation, 2002 - Format: PDF

Split/Splitless Gas Chromatography Injection
An overview - Format: PDF

Practical Courses

Article: Analyzing Alcoholic Beverages by Gas Chromatography - Format: PDF

The purpose of this experiment is to determine the composition of solutions that contain a mixture of different alcohols - Format: PDF

Analysis by Gas Chromatography
Experiment - Format: PDF

Capillary Column Gas Chromatography
A special page on gas chromatography, with some important practical and theoretical considerations: info on theory, stationary phases, capillary columns, GC detectors, analytical performance and troubleshooting

Application Note: Determination of Furan in Food by Gas Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry and Headspace Sampling - Format: PDF

Determination of Impurities in Whiskey Using Gas Chromatography - Format: PDF


Journal of Chromatographic Science
... is an international scientific journal providing in-depth information on all chromatography techniques, applications, sample preparation methods, systems problem solving and more. Preston Publications

Journal of Chromatography A
... provides a forum for the publication of original research and critical reviews on all aspects of fundamental and applied separation science. Elsevier

Journal of Chromatography B
... publishes papers on developments in separation science relevant to biology and biomedical research including both fundamental advances and applications. Elsevier

Journal of Separation Science
JSS is the most comprehensive source in separation science, as all areas of chromatographic and electrophoretic separation methods are covered. This includes fundamentals, instrumentation and applications, both in analytical and preparative mode. Wiley-VCH

LC/GC Chromatography Online
... is peer-reviewed magazine for chromatographers offering practical insights on separations methods, applications and techniques. LCGC North America

Related Books and Scientific Literature: Gas Chromatography

Book recommendation

Marvin McMaster

GC/MS: A Practical User's Guide

GC/MS: A Practical User's Guide, Second Edition teaches readers the practical applications of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry in compound identification and analysis of trace impurities. The book discusses empirical methods for optimizing chromatography, maintaining the instrumentation, and using mass spectral libraries for compound identification. This Second Edition includes information on recent advances in miniaturized and field-portable GC/MS systems and the use of microfluidic components.

Wiley-Interscience; 2 edition; 2008

Book recommendation

Dean Rood

The Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide for Gas Chromatographers

This fourth edition of the classic guide for every user of gas chromatographic instrumentation is now updated to include such new topics as fast GC using narrow, short columns, electronic pressure control, and basic aspects of quantitative gas chromatography.

The author shares his many years of experience in technical support for gas chromatography users, addressing the most common problems, questions and misconceptions in capillary gas chromatography. He structures and presents the material in a concise and practical manner, suitable even for the most inexperienced user without any detailed knowledge of chemistry or chromatography.

For lab technicians in chemistry, analytical, food, medicinal and environmental chemists, pharmaceutists.

Wiley-VCH; 2007

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