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Environmental chemistry

Information on the chemistry of the environment.

Environmental chemistry is a part of the natural sciences and examinesthe chemical and biochemical phenomena that occur in natural places.

Online available information resources on environmental chemistry.

Content, Topics

General Information
Lecture Notes, Tutorials
Special Information
Compound Classes
Data and Databases
Research facilities and departments

General Information

... provide environmental, chemistry and hazardous materials news, information & resources including: in depth articles; a detailed periodic table of elements; chemical database; hazmat emergency response guides; hazmat placarding information; and much more

What is Environmental Chemistry?
An overview

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Environmental Chemistry
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Environmental Chemistry
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Environmental Chemistry
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Environmental Chemistry
Extended lecture notes

Special Information

Biological remediation of environmental problems using plants

Compound Classes

The environmental chemistry of aluminum - Format: PDF

Alternative Fluorocarbons Environmental Acceptability Study; AFEAS

Data and Databases

Chemical Standards
The aim of this database is to provide access to chemical standards in use by the Environment Agency

Environmental Specimen Bank of Germany
ESB, Umweltprobenbank des Bundes


... is an international journal designed for the publication of original communications as well as review articles. Chemosphere, as a multidisciplinary journal, offers maximum dissemination of investigations related to all aspects of environmental science. Elsevier

Environmental Chemistry
... is a multidisciplinary journal addressing chemical processes of the environment. CSIRO, Australia

Environmental Chemistry & Toxicology
Featured journals .... Springer

Environmental Chemistry Journal
... published by Wiley

Environmental Chemistry Letters
... is located at the interfaces of geology, chemistry, physics and biology. Springer

Environmental Science & Technology
Published twice monthly, ES&T is a unique source of information for scientific and technical professionals in a wide range of environmental disciplines. American Chemical Society, ACS

Environmental Sciences Europe
ESEU is an international journal, focusing primarily on Europe, with a broad scope covering all aspects of environmental sciences, including the main topic regulation

Green Chemistry
Publishing cutting-edge research that reduces the environmental impact of the chemical enterprise by developing alternative sustainable technologies. Royal Society of Chemistry, RSC, UK

International Journal of Environmental Chemistry
IJEC aims at bringing into the light the domain of environmental chemistry. It creates a forum for researcher and scholars in this field to deal with the problems of atmospheric, aquatic and soil chemistry

Journal of Environmental Chemistry
Published by Japan Society for Environmental Chemistry

Journal of Environmental Monitoring
The Journal of Environmental Monitoring focuses on Environmental Processes and Impacts. JEM. Royal Society of Chemistry, RSC, UK

Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry
... is devoted to the general chemistry, environmental analysis, biochemical toxicology and ecotoxicology of xenobiotics and natural toxins. Taylor & Francis, UK

Research facilities and departments


Earthwatch Institute
An international non-profit organization which supports scientific field research worldwide to improve our understanding and management of the Earth

American Chemical Society, Division of Environmental Chemistry Newsletter

Environmental Protection Agency

European Environment Agency

National Research Center for Environment and Health, Germany

IFEU - Institute
Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, Germany

The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

The Federal Environmental Agency of Germany

UK Environment Agency
... works to create better places for people and wildlife, and support sustainable development

United Nations Environment Programme


Last update: 19.12.2018.

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