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Dye Chemistry

Chemistry and physics of dyes.

A dye is a chemical compound that is soluble in solvents or binder. Dyes are used for dyeing of materials (eg plastics, paper, food, inks, ...). See also: pigment = unsoluble.

The range of applications of synthetic and natural dyes (often, but not exclusively plant pigments) and colorants is extremely wide and affects virtually all areas of natural, industrial production and daily life. Equally great is the range of available dyes, perfectly suitable for the particular application and use. The use of dyes in certain areas subject to legal guidelines, such as in food or cosmetics. Here is the list of ingredients are often marked with special designations such as C.I. numbers or the INCI name. We should also mention the use of colors and dyes in the art and in paint chemistry.

Below is a list of available online information about the chemistry and physics of the dyes as well as individual dyes.

Content, Topics

Lecture Notes, Tutorials
Special Information
Historical Facts and Documents
Practical Courses
Synthesis, production
Books Online, eBooks

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Blue Jeans Chemistry
Indigo Synthesis and Dyeing - Format: PDF

Chemistry of Dyes
Lecture notes; basic information

Dye Chemistry
A Short Introduction to Dye Chemistry - Format: PDF

Dye Chemistry
Lecture notes on the chemistry of dyes

Dyes and Pigments
eBook - Format: PDF

Dyes, Pigments, and Paints
Introduction - Format: PDF

Food Colors
The chemistry of food colors - Format: PDF

Impotant Early Synthetic Dyes
Chemistry, constitution, date, properties - Format: PDF

Natural Dyes
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Reactive Dyes
... used in textiles - Format: PDF

Special Information

Blue Jeans
Chemistry of blue jeans: Indigo synthesis and dyeing - Format: PDF

Murexide Dye
The history and chemistry of the Murexide dye

Dyeing - the chemistry of pysankarstvo (egg painting)

Historical Facts and Documents

Dye History
... from 2600 BC to the 20th Century

Practical Courses

Combinatorial Synthesis
... of azo dyes - Format: PDF

Paper Chromatography
... of food dyes and colors - Format: PDF

Synthesis, production

Azo Dye
Lab experiment in azo dye preparation - Format: PDF

Azo Dye
Synthesis of an azo dye - the coupling reaction of benzenediazonium ion with naphthalen-2-ol - Format: PDF

Triphenylamine Trisazo Dye
Synthesis of triphenylamine trisazo dye and study of ist uses in dye sensitized solar cells - Format: PDF

Vat Dyes
The chemistry and manufacture of vat dyes - Format: PDF

Books Online, eBooks

Fundamental Processes of Dye Chemistry
... by Hans Eduard Fierz-David and Louis Blangley, 1949 - Format: PDF

Textile Chemistry and Dyeing
Historical eBook - Format: PDF


Dyes and Pigments
A journal that covers the scientific and technical aspects of the chemistry and physics of dyes, pigments and their intermediates. Elsevier


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