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Drug Discovery

Information on drug design and development.

Drug design is development of new drugs by design, based on their biological/medicinal targets.

Online available information resources on drug design, drug development and drug research.

Content, Topics

Current Articles
General Information
Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Current Articles

Distributed Drug Discovery

Finding drugs for neglected diseases ... Article, June 2009

General Information

Terms used in drug discovery a to z - Format: PDF

Organic Chemistry in Drug Discovery
Article, 2004 - Format: PDF

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Drug Design and Virtual Screening

Drug Design Course
Lecture notes; download of PDF's


Chemical Biology & Drug Design
CB&DD is a peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to the advancement of innovative science, technology and medicine with a focus on the multidisciplinary fields of chemical biology and drug design. Wiley

Drug Discovery & Development
... delivers insight into the full landscape of technologies, tools, and business/regulatory strategies that help scientists and executives accelerate the pace and productivity of drug research and development. Reed Elsevier, UK

Drug Discovery Today
The magazine addresses not only the rapid scientific developments in drug discovery associated technologies but also the management, commercial and regulatory issues that increasingly play a part in how R&D is planned, structured and executed. Elsevier

Drug Discovery Today: BIOSILICO
Incorporated into Drug Discovery Today. Formerly known as BIOSILICO. Elsevier

Drug Disvovery World
DDW has fast become a highly respected journal within the drug discovery & development arena. RJ Communications, UK

Drug Researcher
Breaking News on Drug Discovery ... is a daily online news service available as a free-access website and provides daily and weekly newsletters to subscribers. Decision News Media, France

Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design
... provides a form for disseminating information on both the theory and the application of computer-based methods in the analysis and design of molecules. Springer

Letters in Drug Design & Discovery
... publishes online original letters on all areas of rational drug design and discovery including medicinal chemistry, in-silico drug design, combinatorial chemistry, high-throughput screening, drug targets, and structure-activity relationships. Bentham

Modern Drug Discovery
Archive. Last issue: 2004. ACS

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery
... is a monthly journal aimed at everyone working in the drug discovery and development arena. Nature

Perspectives in Drug Discovery and Design
This journal was merged into Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design in 2000. Springer


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