Chemistry and Art

Chemistry of Art

In the arts are - today as it was - different chemical materials and tools used. The restoration and analysis of artifacts requires knowledge of chemical relationships, reactions and compounds.

Extending the scope to all items that are considered works of art, then find many aspects of chemical application - for example: textile chemistry, construction chemistry, chemistry of dyes and vegetable dyes, corrosion, materials chemistry, analytical chemistry and many others.

Below you will find online available information on chemical aspects of art and the restoration of works of art.


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Current Articles

Art Seals Reveal Their Secrets
Imaging mass spectrometry for analyzing art works

Degradation of Van Gogh Paintings Examined
X-rays show why van Gogh paintings lose their shine

Metal composition hold key to identity of modern sculptures
Alloying elements in bronze sculptures give clues about artist, date, origin and authenticity.

Mona Lisa’s Secret
X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy unveils Da Vinci’s astounding sfumato technique

Nanoscience for Art Conservation
New Look for Antiques: Paintings and gilt surfaces can be effectively and gently restored with water-based microemulsions

General Information

Artist as Chemist
Students link art and chemistry through problem-based learning activities - Format: PDF

Chemistry in Art
A Virtual Art Exhibition. Hyle

Chemistry in the Arts
Careers. ACS

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Art and Chemistry
Unleash your inner artist … and learn some chemistry too. Learn more about connections between art and chemistry and find hands-on art projects to try. ACS

Chemistry and Art
Lecture notes

Chemistry in Art
… is a faculty learning community focused on the interface of chemistry and art in the undergraduate science classroom

Chemistry in Art
A virtual exhibition

Preservation and Restoration of Art
An overview - Format: PDF

Partial Information

Atmospheric Ozone
Protection of works of art from atmospheric ozone - Format: PDF

Use of chromatography in art conservation - Format: PDF

Color Glossary
Glossary of Color Science

Detection of Forgery
The scientific detection of forgery in paintings - Format: PDF

Imaging Spectroscopy
Applications of imaging spectroscopy to the chemistry of cultural heritage field - Format: PDF

Pigments in paintings
How artists have colored our lives ...

... in art and achaeology. An overview - Format: PDF

Special Information

About Glazes, FAQs

Protection of Works of Art From Atmospheric Ozone
Research Article, 1989

Historical Facts and Documents

Pigments Past
Colors used throughout history

Data and Databases

The database contains chemical, physical, visual, and analytical information on over 10,000 historic and contemporary materials used in the production and conservation of artistic, architectural, archaeological, and anthropological materials. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Cultural Heritage Search Engine
Preservation and conservation database

Minerals by Chemical Compostion
Minerals sorted by chemical elments and mineral name. Webmineral

Color of Art Pigment Database

Raman Spectra
Raman Spectroscopic Library of Natural and Synthetic Pigments


Journal of Cultural Heritage
A Multidisciplinary Journal of Science and Technology for Conservation and Awareness. Springer

Articles and Reports

Chemistry & Art
Conservation scientists at the National Gallery of Art work closely with conservators, curators to preserve nation's treasures. Article, 2001. Chemical & Engineering News

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