Chemicals Disposal

Disposal of laboratory chemicals.

Disposal of chemicals: directory of internet resources for proper disposal of chemical waste in the laboratory and chemicals in small quantities.

The information listed here serve primarily persons handling in everyday life and profession with chemicals. Individuals call in doubt the public facilities such as waste facilities, pharmacies or at risk of suspicion to the local fire department. The handling of chemicals in the legal sense rules of legislation and policies such as the REACH regulation or the CLP Regulation (EU).


General Information

General Information

Chemical Disposal Procedures
Lab safety guide - Format: PDF

Chemical Waste Disposal
General Information; Specific Waste Disposal Procedures; Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization; Hazardous Waste Identification; Hazardous Waste Management Tools. Princeton University

Disposal of Chemicals
Prudent practices in the laboratory - Format: PDF

Handling and disposal of chemicals - Format: PDF

... for the fafe handling and disposal of chemicals used in the illicit manufacture of drugs. UNODC - Format: PDF

Less is Better
Guide to minimizing waste in laboratories. ACS - Format: PDF

Procedures for Chemical Waste Disposal
Lab guide - Format: PDF

Procedures for the Laboratory-Scale Treatment
... of surplus and waste chemicals - Format: PDF

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Book recommendation

George Lunn, Eric B. Sansone

Destruction of Hazardous Chemicals in the Laboratory

The book describes practical procedures for the destruction of hazardous chemicals and biological agents in the laboratory in which they are used. The book is a continuation and expansion of "Destruction of Hazardous Chemicals in the Laboratory." It follows the same general approach as the first and second editions but includes a number of new chapters including one on using advanced oxidation techniques as a general means of degrading chemicals. All the monographs from the second edition are incorporated in this volume and are revised and extended as necessary. A number of new monographs describing procedures for the destruction of hazardous chemicals have also been added.

The destruction of many pharmaceuticals is also described in this book. This subject has become of increasing importance with recent reports of the detection of pharmaceuticals in the water supply. Finally a new addition is the chapter "General Methods for the Destruction of Hazardous Chemicals in the Laboratory." This chapter describes recent advanced oxidation methods that should be generally applicable to all organic compounds. The methods use commonly available laboratory equipment and reagents.

Wiley and Sons; 2012

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