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Calorimetry - Theory, Practise.

Calorimetry is the direct (by using a calorimeter, a heat-measuring device) or the indirect measurement of the amounts of heat absorbed or given out in physical, chemical or biological systems.

Calorimetry - from the Latin: calor = heat - is a method of thermodynamics and physical chemistry (thermochemistry) for the quantitative determination of thermal and thermal quantities, such as specific heat and heat capacity, latent heat, heat of mixing, reaction heat, heat of combustion, calorific value etc.

Below you will find online information available on calorimetry, calorimetric techniques and practical protocols. Commercially available devices for calorimetric measurement are listed in section calorimeter.

Content, Topics

Lecture Notes, Tutorials
Practical Courses

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Adsorption Calorimetry
Basics and applications in heterogeneous catalysis - Format: PDF

Bomb Calorimetry
An introduction - Format: PDF

Bomb Calorimetry
... and heat of combustion - Format: PDF

... enthalpy and heats of reaction - Format: PDF

... in nuclear and particle physics - Format: PDF

Calorimetry and Enthalpy
Examples of the calculation - Format: PDF

Cone Calorimetry
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Differential scanning calorimetry
Basic information. University of Southern Mississippi, USA

Differential scanning calorimetry
Lecture notes. University of Cambridge, UK - Format: PDF

Enthalpy Changes
... and calorimetry - Format: PDF

Indirect Calorimetry
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Isothermal Titration Calorimetry
Experimental design, data analysis, and probing macromolecule/ligand binding and kinetic interactions - Format: PDF

Methods of Calorimetry
Ebook. Wiley - Format: PDF

Practical Courses

Bomb Calorimetry
Purpose of Bomb Calorimetry Experiments; DU and DH in a Bomb Calorimeter etc.

Help sheet - Format: PDF

Measuring Heats of Reactions: examples

Calorimetry and Enthalpy
Experiment, thermochemistry - Format: PDF

Calorimetry and Thermochemistry
Learn how to measure heat flow - Format: PDF

Energy of a Peanut
An experiment in calorimetry - Format: PDF

Soda Can Calorimeter
Energy content of food - Format: PDF


Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
This fully refereed journal publishes high quality papers covering all aspects of thermal analysis, calorimetry, and experimental thermodynamics. Springer


ASTM Committee E37 on Thermal Measurements
The committee currently has jurisdiction of over 50 standards, published in the Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Volume 14.02 and has a membership of over 100. These standards play an important role in testing various materials for thermal, rheological and thermophysical properties

L'Association Française de Calorimétrie et d'Analyse Thermique, AFCAT - [f]

Gesellschaft für Thermische Analyse e. V. - [d]

International Confederation for Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
ICTAC has the aim of promoting international understanding and cooperation in these branches of science through activities within its Scientific Committees, congresses to exchange information, and coordinating efforts towards standardization and nomenclature

Associazione Italiana di Calorimetria e Analisi Termica, AICAT

Dutch Society for Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, TAWN

North American Thermal Analysis Society
... is dedicated to promoting the understanding and advancement of thermal analysis

Swiss Society for Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry


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