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Biotechnology is a scientific-technical branch that combines the knowledge of biochemistry and microbiology with the techniques methode of chemical engineering to produce biochetechnological products.

Online available information resources on biotechnology.

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General Information

Biotechnology fact sheets
Some basic information on biotechnology - [e]

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Acta Biotechnologica
Last issue published: 2003. Wiley-Interscience - [e]

African Journal of Biotechnology
AJB publishes the most exciting research in all areas of applied biochemistry, industrial microbiology, molecular biology, genomics and proteomics, food and agricultural technologies, and metabolic engineering. Academic Journals - [e]

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
... addresses a range of topics, presenting full-length papers and mini-reviews of new and emerging products, processes and technologies. Springer - [e]

Asia Pacific Biotech News
APBN is the only directory featuring up-to-date information and a comprehensive listing of top biotechnology organizations, research institutions, companies and services in the Asia Pacific region, covering 14 countries. KH Biotech Services - [e]

Premier média d'information français et francophone dans le domaine des Sciences du vivant. Lavoisier - [f]

Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering
... is an international peer-reviewed forum for discussion between engineering and biological science to find efficient solutions in the development and improvement of bioprocesses. Springer - [e]

Biotechnology Advances
... is devoted to all areas of biotechnology including relevant aspects of its disciplinary underpinnings in biology, chemistry and engineering. Elsevier - [e]

Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry
... publishes original research papers, reviews and minireviews in biotechnology, with a focus on diagnostics, therapeutics and human healthcare. Portland Press - [e]

Biotechnology and Bioengineering
... publishes Perspectives, Articles, Reviews, Mini-Reviews, and Communications to the Editor that embrace all aspects of biotechnology. Wiley-Interscience - [e]

Biotechnology Law Report
The leading authoritative journal since 1982 devoted to the evolving body of law and government regulation concerning biotechnology, particularly in the industries in which new products from these technologies are developing the most rapidly: pharmaceuticals, chemicals, agriculture, food processing, energy, mineral recovery, and waste treatment. Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. - [e]

Biotechnology Letters
... is the world's leading rapid-publication primary journal dedicated to biotechnology as a whole. Its focus is on topics relating to actual or potential applications of biological reactions affected by microbial, plant or animal cells and biocatalysts derived from them. Springer - [e]

Biotechnology Progress
... an official, bimonthly publication of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, features peer-reviewed research articles, reviews, and descriptions of emerging techniques for the development and design of new processes, products, and devices for the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical and bioprocess industries. Wiley-Interscience - [e]

Biotechnology Techniques
1999 this journal was merged into Biotechnology Letters. Springer - [e]

BioWorld Online
The newspaper of record for the biotechnology industry. AHC Media - [e]

Chinese Journal of Biotechnology
... publishes reports of new findings, techniques and developments in all aspects of biotechnology, such as genetic engineering, cell engineering, enzyme engineering, biochemical engineering, tissue engineering, biochips, bioinformatics and bioreactor and so on, provided that in each case the material is directly relevant to biotechnological systems. Elsevier - [e]

Current Opinion in Biotechnology
The Current Opinion journals were developed out of the recognition that it is increasingly difficult for specialists to keep up to date with the expanding volume of information published in their subject. Elsevier - [e]

DNA and Cell Biology
... covers the latest research in the field of DNA and cell biology. Mary Ann Liebert - [e]

DNA Repair
... provides a forum for the comprehensive coverage of cellular responses to DNA damage in living cells. Elsevier - [e]

Electronic Journal of Biotechnology
... is an open acces international scientific journal, published only in electronic format, that publishes papers from all areas related to Biotechnology - [e]

Engineering in Life Sciences
Environmental, Industrial and Agricultural BioTechnologies, and Health Care. Wiley-Interscience - [e]

Enzyme and Microbial Technology
... is an international, peer-reviewed journal publishing original research and reviews, of biotechnological significance and novelty, on basic and applied aspects of the use of enzymes, micro-organisms, animal cells and plant cells. Elsevier - [e]

Genetic Engineering News
Biotechnology from Bench to Business. Mary Ann Liebert - [e]

Iranian Journal of Biotechnology
IJB publishes original scientific research papers in the broad area of Biotechnology. Iranian National Institute Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology - [e]

Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering
The Journal is devoted to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge concerning fermentation technology, biochemical engineering, food technology and microbiology. Elsevier - [e]

Journal of Biotechnology
The Journal provides a medium for the rapid publication of both full-length articles and short communications on novel and innovative aspects of biotechnology. Elsevier - [e]

Journal of Nanobiotechnology
... is ready to receive manuscripts on all aspects of scientific and technological advances in the fields of medical, biological and nanoscale sciences. BioMed Central Ltd. - [e]

Marine Biotechnology
... welcomes high-quality research papers presenting novel data on the biotechnology of aquatic organisms. Springer - [e]

Metabolic Engineering
... is devoted to publishing original research on the targeted improvement of metabolic pathways for the production of fuels and chemicals from renewable resources. Elsevier - [e]

Molecular Engineering
2000: publication of this journal was discontinued. Springer - [e]

Nature Biotechnology
... publishes special supplements and focuses on timely topics of particular interest. Nature Publishing Group - [e]

New Biotechnology
... covers both the science of biotechnology and its surrounding political, business and financial milieu. Elsevier - [e]

Plant Biotechnology Journal
... aims to publish high-impact original research and incisive reviews by leading researchers in applied plant science, with an emphasis on molecular plant sciences and their applications through plant biotechnology. Blackwell - [e]

Russian Journal of Biotechnology
Biotekhnologiya publishes scientific articles containing experimental data and analytical reviews devoted to problems and prospects in biotechnology. Maik Nauka - [e]

Tissue Engineering
... is the authoritative peer-reviewed journal that jointly applies the principles of engineering and life sciences. Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. - [e]

Trends in Biotechnology
... reflects the view that biotechnology is the integrated use of many biological technologies – from molecular genetics to biochemical engineering. Elsevier - [e]

World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology
... publishes refereed research papers, short communications, technical communications and review articles on all aspects of applied microbiology and biotechnology, including management of culture collections, foodstuffs and biological control agents. Springer - [e]

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Biotechnology Industry Organization
... is the world's largest biotechnology organization, providing advocacy, business development and communications services for more than 1,200 members worldwide - [e]

The European Association for Bioindustries - [e]

European Federation of Biotechnology
EFB is the non-profit association of Learned Societies, Universities, Institutes, Companies and Individuals interested in the promotion of Biotechnology throughout Europe and beyond - [e]

France BioTech
... is the French biotechnology association and the industry representative - [e, f]

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Information Centres

BIOTECanada: Biotechnology in Canada - [e, f]

Council for Biotechnology Information
... communicates science-based information about the benefits and safety of agricultural biotechnology and its contributions to sustainable development. Its members are the leading agricultural biotechnology companies - [e]

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Law, Acts, Regulations

BioTechnology Regulatory Developments
Biotechnology Regulatory Contacts in OECD Member Countries. OECD - [e]

BioTrack, Biosafety
... focuses on information related to the regulatory oversight of products of modern biotechnology, including genetically engineered organisms or transgenic organisms, in the field of the environmental safety and the food and feed safety. OECD - [e]

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Reinhard Renneberg, Arnold L. Demain

Biotechnology for Beginners

Biotechnology is the applied science of using living organisms and their by-products for commercial development. It has grown and evolved to such an extent over the past few years that increasing numbers of professionals work in areas directly impacted by it. For the first time, this book offers an exciting and colorful overview of biotechnology for professionals and students in a wide array of the life sciences including: Genetics, Immunology, Biochemistry, Agronomy, Food Science, and Animal Science. This book also appeals to the lay reader without a scientific background who is interested in an entertaining and informative introduction to the key aspects of biotechnology.

Academic Press; 2007

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