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Bioconjugate Chemistry

Information Resources on Bioconjugate Chemistry.


The Bioconjugate Chemistry describes and examines any chemical reactions that forms a stable covalent link between two biomolecules by bioconjugation.

Online available information resources on bioconjugate chemistry.

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A Brief Introduction
... to traditional bioconjugate chemistry - Format: PDF

Basic Bioconjugation Chemistry
of reactive groups in biomolecules

Bioconjugate Chemistry
An introduction. Libretexts Chemistry

Bioconjugation and Crosslinking Technical Handbook
Reagents for bioconjugation, crosslinking, biotinylation, and modification of proteins and peptides. ThermoFisher - Format: PDF

Bioconjugation and Its Use in Biomolecular Research
An introduction

Bioconjugation Techniques
Basics - Format: PDF


Bioconjugate Chemistry
... invites original contributions on all aspects of the joining of different molecular functions by chemical or biological means. This includes, among other topics, the conjugation of antibodies, nucleic acids, lipids, carbohydrates, or other biologically active molecules and their analogs with any molecular groups that add useful properties (drugs, radionuclides, toxins, fluorophores, photoprobes, inhibitors, enzymes, haptens, ligands, etc.). American Chemical Society

An overview of current topics and research

News Archive

Simple chemical procedure augments therapeutic potential of stem cells
Chemical Engineering of Mesenchymal Stem Cells to Induce a Cell Rolling Response. Article, Nov 2008


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