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The chemistry and biochemistry of alkaloids.


Alkaloids are nitrogen containing chemical compounds. They are naturally accuring in a wide range of plants and other organisms (secondary metabolites) and they have often pharmacological effects.

Chemically, the alkaloids organic are chemical compounds that can be structured very differently and exercise quite different functions in nature. A chemical classification is often on hand of the basic molecular structure, such as a particular ring system. Another classification is based on the occurrence in nature of (ergot alkaloids). Biochemically these natural substances are secondary metabolites.

Below you will find online available information on the chemistry of alkaloids.

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Current Articles

Alkaloid-storing Dwarf Frogs
Poison dwarfs of the Caribbean: Researchers discover skin toxins in the smallest frog of the world

Chemists synthesize herbal alkaloid
Total Synthesis of the Lycopodium Alkaloid (+)-Serratezomine A

The Beaver as Chemist
Total synthesis of enantiomerically pure nupharamine alkaloids from castoreum

General Information

Alkaloid Chemistry: The Work of Walter A. Jacobs
JBC article

An overview: what are alkaloids? - Format: PDF

eBook - Format: PDF

Basic information

Pyrrolizidine alkaloids
Scientific examination work - Format: PDF

Pyrrolizidine alkaloids in food
A Toxicological Review and Risk Assessment - Format: PDF

Sabadilla Alkaloids
... as lower risk pesticide chemicals

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

An introduction - Format: PDF

Biosynthesis of Alkaloids
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Special Information

Compound Classes

Acridine Alkaloids
PDF slides - Format: PDF

Indolizidine Alkaloids
Structures and synthesis - Format: PDF

Lupin Alkaloids
Compounds and reactions - Format: PDF


Chemical Reactions

Alkaloid Photochemistry
Notes and mechanisms - Format: PDF


Biosynthesis of alkaloids
… derived from shikimate pathway. Kegg

Biosynthesis of alkaloids
… derived from ornithine, lysine and nicotinic acid. Kegg

Biosynthesis of alkaloids
… derived from histidine and purine. Kegg

Biosynthesis of alkaloids
… derived from terpenoid and polyketide. Kegg

Biosynthesis of various alkaloids
Reference pathway: cucurbitacin biosynthesis, solanine and tomatine biosynthesis, ephedrine biosynthesis, capsaicin biosynthesis, acridone. Kegg, Japan

Indole alkaloid biosynthesis
Reference pathway. Kegg

Metabolism, metabolic pathways

Caffeine metabolism
Reference pathway. Kegg

Indole diterpene alkaloid biosynthesis
Reference pathway


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