Chemistry and physics of the element boron and its chemical compounds.

Boron - chemical symbol B, atomic number 5 - is a nonmetallic (metalloid), trivalent chemical element. It is prepared in crystalline (a extremely hard and brittle solid) or amorphous form.

Online available information resources about the chemistry and physics of boron and the boron compounds.


Current Articles
Information and data about the element
Atom, Orbitals, Radiochemistry
Historical Facts and Documents
Group Elements - Information
Compound Classes
Spectroscopic Data
Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry
Toxicology and Medicinal Chemistry
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Current Articles

News from the Boron Universe
It is safe to say that no one in the whole world knows as much about the element boron as the team of Professor Holger Braunschweig at the University of Würzburg: The progress of the Würzburg researchers in the boron chemistry is currently published in as many as three top journals.

Synthesis of a Neutral Tricoordinate Boron Derivative
Chemists transform acids into bases: Research performed in Guy Bertrand's lab offers vast family of new catalysts for use in drug discovery, biotechnology

Information and data about the element

Boron, B
Chemical and physical properties of boron. Webelements, UK

Boron, B
Chemical and physical properties of boron. Visual Elements, Chemsoc, UK

Boron, B
Chemical and physical properties; comprehensive data. Environmental Chemistry, USA

Elemental Boron Chemistry
Lecture notes: Principles of Inorganic Chemistry - Format: PDF

Atom, Orbitals, Radiochemistry

Atomic Data for Boron (B)
Basic Atomic Spectroscopic Data. NIST, USA

Isotopes of Boron
All known isotopes of boron: overview, data and properties of the B nuclides.

Historical Facts and Documents

Boron - historical data
Comprehensive historical data about the element and its compounds

Boron History
An Introduction to Boron: History, Sources, Uses, and Chemistry - Format: PDF

Group Elements - Information

Boron-Aluminum Family
Chemistry hypertext

Compound Classes

Activation of Diboron Reagents
The development of mild conditions for the synthesis of unique organoboron compounds. Thesis, 2012 - Format: PDF

Organoboron Chemistry
Boron in Organic Synthesis

Organoboron Compounds
� and reactions. Lecture notes - Format: PDF


Boron and boron compounds
Database search form for boron and boron compounds: properties, safety data, available products etc.

Polyhedral Boranes
� and Wade's Rules - Format: PDF

Spectroscopic Data

11B NMR Chemical Shifts
Common boron chemical shifts relative to BF3 Et2O

Boron NMR
Basics: 10B and 11B NMR spectroscopy

Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry

Statistics and Information. USGS

Boron minerals
Natural Boron minerals. Mineralszone

Boron Minerals
The mineralogy of Boron. Webmineral

Toxicology and Medicinal Chemistry

ToxFAQs� for Boron and Compounds
This fact sheet answers the most frequently asked health questions about boron. ATSDR

Toxicological Review of Boron and Compounds
PDF document. EPA


Boron as a tracer for material transfer in subduction zones
Dissertation, University of Potsdam - Format: PDF

News Archive

Boron-based compounds trick a biomedical protein
University of Oregon chemists, biologists team to boost boron's expanding use in medicine

Boron-Oxygen Triple Bonds
Chemists have, for the first time ever, succeeded in creating a stable triple bond between the elements boron and oxygen

Discovery of ionic elemental crystal against chemical intuition
New phase of elemental boron discovered

Spherical Boron
Bucky's brother - The boron buckyball makes its debut. Materials scientists find stable, spherical form for boron. Article, 2007

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Book recommendation

Duward Shriver, Mark Weller, Tina Overton et al.

Inorganic Chemistry

From the fundamentals to the frontiers of research, this classic text offers an introduction to inorganic chemistry no other book can match. The new edition is most modern and most student-friendly yet, covering both the theoretical and descriptive aspects of inorganic chemistry in presentation that includes helpful new study tools and, as always, a captivating focus on experimental methods, industrial applications, and cutting-edge topics.

W. H. Freeman; 2014

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