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Synthetic Biology

General information sources and current research.


Synthetic biology is a very young interdisciplinary area of scientific research between the fields of molecular biology, biochemistry, engineering, nanotechnology, information technology, biotechnology. It will create artificial biological systems. Intention is the development of artificial biological systems, which do not occur in nature.

Online available information resources on synthetic biology.

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Current Articles

Chemical Synthetic Biology
A mini-review

iCHELLs With Inorganic Membranes
Synthetic cells: Ion exchange leads to complex cell systems with inorganic membranes

Progress Toward Artificial Cells
Synthesis of uniform, unilamellar vesicles by means of microfluidics

General Information

A brief history of synthetic biology
Article, (2014) - Format: PDF

Extreme Genetic Engineering
An introduction to synthetic biology. ETC - Format: PDF

Synthetic Biology
Social and Ethical Challenges. Synbiosafe - Format: PDF

Synthetic Biology
CBD Technical Series - Format: PDF

Synthetic Biology
An introduction

Synthetic Biology
An introduction - Format: PDF

What is Synthetic Biology?
Synthetic biology explained

Data and Databases

Standard Biological Parts
The Registry of Standard Biological Parts is a collection of ~3200 genetic parts that can be mixed and matched to build synthetic biology devices and systems


ACS Synthetic Biology
... is a monthly peer-reviewed journal dedicated to research in synthetic biology and biological systems. American Chemical Society

PLOS one Synthetic Biology
Open access journal

... is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal on synthetic biology, biological parts, devices, and systems, published quarterly online by MDPI

Synthetic and Systems Biotechnology
... aims to promote the communication of original research in synthetic and systems biology, with strong emphasis on applications towards biotechnology. Open accss

Synthetic Biology
... Is a new open access journal which covers all aspects of synthetic biology; including papers on the mathematical modelling and practical engineering in the field. Oxford Academic

Systems and Synthetic Biology
Discontinue 2015. Springer


The European Association of Students and Post-docs in Synthetic Biology (EUSynBioS) was founded as a student-led initiative in late 2014

Safety and Ethical Aspects of Synthetic Biology. Funded by a grant from the European Commission, EU


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