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Radiochemistry is a scientific branch, studies the chemistry of radioactive materials and uses radioactive isotopes of the chemical elements to examine chemical reactions.

Online available information resources on radiochemistry.

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General Information

Monographs on Radiochemistry and Radiochemical Techniques
Nuclear Science Series. National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council, USA - [e]

Nuclear Science
Glossary of Nuclear Science Terms. LBL, USA - [e]

Periodic Table of Isotopes
The Berkeley Laboratory Isotopes Project's. LBL, USA - [e]

Radiolabeling and Isotopic Markers
This website focuses on the isotopes primarily of interest to organic chemists, which include the non-metal Main Group elements - [e]


Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Radiation and Radioactivity
Lecture notes - [e]

Lecture notes on radioactivity. Boston University, USA - [e]

Lecture notes. UNLV, USA - [e]

Lecture notes. PSI - [e]

Basics - Format: PDF - [e]


Special Information

C-11 Labeled Radiopharmaceuticals I
Production, part I - Format: PDF - [e]

C-11 Labeled Radiopharmaceuticals II
Production, part II - Format: PDF - [e]

F-18 Labeled Radiopharmaceuticals I
Production, part I - Format: PDF - [e]

F-18 Labeled Radiopharmaceuticals II
Production, part I - Format: PDF - [e]



Journal of Nuclear Materials
... publishes high quality papers in materials research relevant to nuclear fission and fusion reactors and high power accelerator technologies, and in closely related aspects of materials science and engineering. Elsevier - [e]

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
An international periodical publishing original papers, letters, review papers and short communications on nuclear chemistry. Springer - [e]

... covers the theoretical and applied aspects of radiochemistry, including the chemical aspects of the fundamental nuclear physical properties of radionuclides. Springer - [e]


Research facilities and departments

Austria: TU Graz
Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Radiochemistry - [e]

France: IPN
Groupe de Radiochimie - [f]

France: Nice
Laboratoire de Radiochimie, Sciences Analytiques et Environnement - [f]

Germany: FZD
Institute of Radiochemistry; Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf e.V. - [d, e]

Switzerland: PSI
Laboratory for Radiochemistry and Environmental Chemistry - [e]

Radiochemistry - [e]



Radiochemistry Society
... is a scientific and professional organization whose members specialize in both applied and fundamental radiochemistry, nuclear sciences and environmental concerns - [e]

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William, D. Ehmann and Diane, E. Vance

Radiochemistry and Nuclear Methods of Analysis

From nuclear dating methods to nucleosynthesis in stars… it’s all here. The first practical, comprehensive guide to the science of radiochemistry. Radiochemistry and Nuclear Methods of Analysis is the first thorough and up-to-date look for the nonspecialist at the fundamentals of radiochemistry as well as the full range of advances currently made possible by the applications of radioactivity. Without an emphasis on high-level mathematics or abstruse theoretical physics, the book provides a clear, fundamentals-first look at radioactivity, the principles of radioactive decay, and nuclear reactions.

Wiley-Interscience; 2007

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