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Agricultural Chemistry


Agricultural Chemistry is the science of chemical compositions and changes involved in the production, protection, and use of crops and livestock; includes all the life processes through which food and fiber are obtained for humans and theirs animals, and control of these processes to increase yields, improve quality, and reduce costs.

Online available information resources on agricultural chemistry.

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Agricultural Research Magazine
The U.S. Department of Agriculture's science magazine, published monthly by the Agricultural Research Service and also available electronically. USDA - [e]

Australian Journal of Agricultural Research
is a highly cited and prestigious journal with a focus on innovative and rigorous research. The Journal reports research on advances in plant sciences, sustainable farming systems, and food quality. CSIRO - [e]

Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture
... is an international journal focusing on the publication of cutting-edge research relating to the production of food, fibre and pharmaceuticals from animals. CSIRO - [e]

Australian Journal of Soil Research
... attracts an enthusiastic international authorship due to its breadth of scope and recognition of emerging issues in land care and environmental science. CSIRO - [e]

Cereal Chemistry
... is the premier international archival journal in cereal science. AACC International - [e]

Eurasian Soil Science
The journal publishes original papers on global and regional theoretical and experimental studies on the problems of genesis, geography, physics, chemistry, biology, fertility, management, conservation, and remediation of soils. Springer - [e]

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Chemistry and biochemistry of agriculture and food along with safety, composition and processing; including feeds, pesticides, veterinary drugs, plant growth regulators, fertilizers, and other agro-chemicals with their metabolism, toxicology, and environmental fate and the chemical processes involved in nutrition, phytonutrients, flavors, and aromas.. ACS - [e]

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Agricultural Institute of Canada
AIC - [e]

Cereal Research Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food
CRC - [e, f]

Department of Plant Nutrition. University of Bonn - [d, e]

Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry
- [jp, e]

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Agricultural Chemistry
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Wiley-Vch (Corporate Author)

Ullmann's Agrochemicals Volume 1+2
Plant Growth, Plant and Crop Protection.

This one-stop resource is tailor-made for all those involved in the modern agricultural practices and interested in the industrial production, effectiveness and application of agrochemicals. Based on the latest online edition of "Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry" and containing articles never before seen in print, this ready reference meets the need for a detailed survey of the fundamentals, industrial processes, effectiveness and the applications of agrochemicals as well as the environmental and toxicological aspects. This book presents an overview of all aspects of modern agricultural practices. In each chapter, corresponding practical and theoretical aspects are discussed, and each entry is accompanied by its chemical structure, physical properties, synthesis, agricultural use, trade names, toxicology, and its ecological significance. Readers benefit from the rigorous and cross-indexed nature of the parent reference, and will find both broad introductory information and details of significance to industrial and academic environments.

Wiley-VCH; 2007


Peter Böger, Ko Wakabayashi

Peroxidizing Herbicides

Experts in herbicide research and development - chemists and plant physiologists -, have written 15 chapters that review all aspects pertinent to peroxidizing herbicides, compounds of topical interest since extremely low use rates ensure high environmental safety. Topics covered include structure-activity relationships, relevant patent literature, preparative methods, modes of action, greenhouse screening, laboratory assays, plant pigment biochemistry, and enzymology of the decisive target enzyme of this class of herbicides. This comprehensive review will be welcomed as a unique and timely compilation of the current status of peroxidizing herbicide research and development. It will be of interest to professional chemists and biologists in agrochemical companies, universities and agricultural colleges.

Springer Verlag; 1999

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